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Retention 101: How to Re-Recruit Your Team Members Every Shift

by Jim Sullivan Having a bad reputation as a place to work is like a hangover. It takes a while to get rid of and makes everything else suffer. –Jim Buelt I have written often…
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5 Smart Ways to Make the Rest of the Year More Profitable

by Jim Sullivan, CEO, Sullivision.com Most foodservice companies set goals and measure progress the same way we live our lives, by the thirteen periods in a calendar year—January 1 to December 31. And in case…
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5 Ways to Use Training to Minimize Employee Turnover

The foodservice industry’s annual hourly employee churn averages 100%. Yes, you read that right. The number is obscene and embarrassing, yet many foodservice operators merely shrug it off as "the price of doing business." That…
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Hire Power: The New Basics of Building High-Performing Teams

“At the end of the day, you bet on people, not on strategies.” –Larry Bossidy, CEO AlliedSignal The marketplace for foodservice labor is both highly competitive and very crowded. Statistics offer hope: the current Millennial…
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Fundamentals: 9 Leadership Strategies for 2018 & Beyond

You can’t build a pyramid from the top down. A house without a foundation will not stand. And any business without fundamentals firmly entrenched and dutifully executed can wither and shrink as small as the…
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A Comprehensive 2018 Action Plan, from A-Z

by Jim Sullivan What’s your plan for improvement in the next twelve months? I’ve got an alphabet-full of ideas for you... A: Action is great, unless it’s the wrong action. So start here with some…
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