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    • Unleashing Excellence: The Complete Guide to Ultimate Customer Service Book

      Our favorite book for teaching teams how to deliver better s
      Quick Overview

      Unleashing Excellence shares practical tools and a step-by-step process to creating a culture of true customer service excellence. Training and education of employees, personal accountability, recognition, measurement of quality service, and recruitment of service-oriented employees are all covered by looking at best practices and examples from world-class companies known for their superior customer service.

      $27.95 $24.95

    • JUMPSTART! How to Plan and Execute Effective Pre-Shift Meetings DVD

      JUMPSTART! How to Plan and Execute Effective Pre-Shift Meeti
      Quick Overview

      Jumpstart is our most popular DVD, currently used in over 30,000 restaurants worldwide. This 45 minute award-winner will show managers how to plan and execute energetic and focused pre-shift meetings that will boost revenue and energize your service every single shift.

      $119.00 $49.00

    • Shift Leadership DVD Package Volume 2

      Only $119! Save $50 by purchasing our three best-selling DVD
      Quick Overview

      Save $50 on our 3 best-selling DVDs, including Jumpstart (How to Plan and Execute Pre-Shift Meetings), The Shift (the architecture of a profitable shift) and 60 Second Lessons in Leadership (this bestseller features 65 short leadership topics in 98 minutes!)

      $297.00 $119.00

    • The Big Book of Creativity Games

      From Barnes & For work groups and individual
      Quick Overview

      This awesome book of Creativity Games will help direct your teams think more creatively, solve more problems, and define fresher solutions to your biggest challenges. An awesome leadership tool used by tens of thousands of businesses. Save nearly six bucks off the cover price.

      $25.00 $19.95

    • Renegade Server Training Flash Drive

      If you already own the Renegade Server book, Renegade Server
      Quick Overview

      If you already own the Renegade Server book, Renegade Server videos, CDs and flashcards — or if you’re on a tight budget and cannot currently invest in the full Renegade Server-in-a-Box kit– you can now order the Renegade Training Flash Drive as a stand-alone tool! Includes the Slide Decks, Leader’s Guide, Trainee Worksheets, Flash Cards and tons more.

      $499.00 $279.00