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  • Shift Leadership DVD 2-Pak: Jumpstart DVD and The Shift DVD. Order together and save BIG

    Our 2 best-selling DVDs at a great price. Save $30. Over 2 h
    Quick Overview

    Our 2 best-selling DVDs at a great price. Over 2 hours of award-winning advice guaranteed to drive better service, sales and leadership EVERY Shift. Save $30. More than 40,000 copies sold worldwide.

    $198.00 $80.00

  • What We Get Paid For DVD

    What We Get Paid For DVD is a fun, lively, and award-winning
    Quick Overview

    Tired of telling the hourly crew how to serve better, sell more, waste less? Then let this award-winning DVD show them how! What We Get Paid For DVD is a fun and lively animated  DVD that shows your hourly team members and managers how to think like owners do.  In less than 10 minutes this DVD expertly illustrates how to: Serve Better, Sell More, Waste Less, Be a Brand Ambassador, Keep It Clean, Be Honest, Be on Time, Habitual Consistency, Teamwork, Focus, Better Your Best and Have Fun. Based on the best-selling poster that is used in over 60,000 restaurants and retail locations around the globe.

    $119.00 $49.00

  • JUMPSTART! How to Plan and Execute Effective Pre-Shift Meetings DVD

    JUMPSTART! How to Plan and Execute Effective Pre-Shift Meeti
    Quick Overview

    Jumpstart is our most popular DVD, currently used in over 30,000 restaurants worldwide. This 45 minute award-winner will show managers how to plan and execute energetic and focused pre-shift meetings that will boost revenue and energize your service every single shift.

    $119.00 $49.00

  • Whole ShaBang! Package of our Bestsellers. Save over $400

    Energize your operations from top to bottom! The Whole ShaBa
    Quick Overview

    Energize your operations from top to bottom! The Whole ShaBang is a complete leadership, service and sales-building program in a box. This awesome collection of all our best-sellers includes 8 books, 9 DVDs, 8 Audio CDs and 3  posters! Save over $230! Here's what's included:

    1. JUMPSTART! The Art of Effective Pre-Shift Meetings DVD
    2.The SHIFT: How to Plan It, Lead It, Make It Pay DVD
    3.Multi Unit Leadership: The 7 Stages of Building High-Performing Partnerships & Teams Book
    4.REWORK Book
    5.Getting Things Done book (Time management bestseller)
    6.QuoteZilla 1 Meeting Energizer DVD
    7.MYOB Live! DVD
    8.QuoteZilla 2 (Over the Rainbow edition) DVD
    9.MYOB Live Audio CD
    10.The S.M.A.R.T. Restaurant Operator's Guide Book
    11.The Renegade Server Book
    12.Multi-Unit Leadership DVD
    13. SWITCH book
    14. The Renegade Server AUDIObook (3-CD set)
    15.1001 Ways to Energize Employees Book 17.1001 Ways to Reward Employees Book
    16. Sullivans Laws Audio CD
    17. The Renegade Server Live! DVD
    18. What We Get Paid For Poster
    19. Profit on the Dollar Poster
    20. Sullivans Laws Poster
    21. Fundamentals Book
    22. What We Get Paid For DVD
    23. Lessons in Leadership DVD
    24. Mini Sullivision Roadmap of Best Practices and Products

    $950.00 $499.00

  • 60 Second Lessons in Leadership DVD Video

    This popular DVD features over 60 different bite-sized video
    Quick Overview

    60 Second Lessons in Leadership: Big Ideas in Short Video Bites. Over 98 minutes of 60 different quick video leadership lessons for everyone on your team. Focus area include selling, service, teamwork, cost-control, marketing, hiring, training and much more.

    $119.00 $49.00

  • The Renegade Server LIVE! DVD

    In this live version of the best-selling book, author Tim Ki
    Quick Overview

    Find out why more than 15,000 people attend this insightful and entertaining live workshop every year and learn how to teach your waitstaff to serve better, sell more and make more money!
    88 minutes

    $99.00 $79.00

  • DVD: The Shift: How to Plan It, Lead It, Make It Pay

    Whether its an Opening, Mid, or Closing shift, teach your ma
    Quick Overview

    Don’t run a shift, learn how to LEAD a revenue-generating opening, close or mid Shift every day.

    $119.00 $49.00

  • Shift Leadership DVD Package Volume 2

    Only $119! Save $50 by purchasing our three best-selling DVD
    Quick Overview

    Save $50 on our 3 best-selling DVDs, including Jumpstart (How to Plan and Execute Pre-Shift Meetings), The Shift (the architecture of a profitable shift) and 60 Second Lessons in Leadership (this bestseller features 65 short leadership topics in 98 minutes!)

    $297.00 $119.00

  • DVD: Multi-Unit Leadership

    This dynamic hour-long DVD features author Jim Sullivan brin
    Quick Overview

    This dynamic hour-long DVD features author Jim Sullivan bringing his best-selling book Multi-Unit Leadership to life with new content, best practices, new perspectives and action plans. Great value. Over 30,000 copies sold.

    $149.00 $49.00