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    • Shift Leadership DVD Package Volume 2

      Save $50 on our three best-selling DVDs, including Jumpstart
      Quick Overview

      Save $50 on our 3 best-selling DVDs, including Jumpstart (How to Plan and Execute Pre-Shift Meetings), The Shift (the architecture of a profitable shift) and 60 Second Lessons in Leadership (this bestseller features 65 short leadership topics in 98 minutes!)

      $297.00 $249.00

    • Quote-Zilla DVD Combo Package at Special price!

      This award-winning twin-DVD collection of animated quotes se
      Quick Overview

      This award-winning twin-DVD collection of animated quotes set to music is ideal before or during meetings to motivate your team. Includes both QuoteZilla 1 (Service Edition) and Quote-Zilla 2 (Over the Rainbow Edition)

      $50.00 $25.00

    • Big Book Bundle: Buy All 5 Best-sellers and save $30!

      Save $30 and get all five of our most popular Big Books: Cus
      Quick Overview

      Get all of our best-selling Big Books: Customer Service Training Games, Humorous Training Games, Team-Building Training Games, Creativity Games and Sales-Building games.

      $109.75 $79.00

    • DVD: Multi-Unit Leadership

      This dynamic hour-long DVD features author Jim Sullivan brin
      Quick Overview

      This dynamic hour-long DVD features author Jim Sullivan bringing his best-selling book Multi-Unit Leadership to life with new content, best practices, new perspectives and action plans. Great value. Over 30,000 copies sold.

      $149.00 $119.00

    • 1501 Ways to Reward Employees by Bob Nelson

      We've been using this book with our consulting clients for o
      Quick Overview

      This best-selling 580-page book is an invaluable resource of over 1500 cool ways to recognize and reward your team members and managers. Over 1.6 million copies in print. Read it and reap!

      $18.95 $15.95

    • The Big Book of Team Building Games

      A best-seller! Each of these games is fast, creative, easy-t
      Quick Overview

      This 238 page illustrated book by John Newstrom details effective games, exercises and fun activities for building morale, communication and team spirit in your restaurant, company or work group. A bestseller.

      $21.95 $19.95

    • Multi-Unit Leadership Package 2: includes MUL Book, MUL DVD and both The Shift and Jumpstart DVDs

      Everything a Multi-Unit Leader needs to boost sales, energiz
      Quick Overview

      Everything a Multi-Unit Leader needs to boost sales, energize service and improve their teams. Includes 3 DVDs, 1 MUL book, 1 MUL AudioBook and thousands of best practices. Based on our best-selling book Multiunit Leadership which has sold over 170,000 copies worldwide.

      $387.00 $275.00

    • The Renegade Cook

      Brand new book exclusively for cooks, chefs, and their leade
      Quick Overview

      Brand new book exclusively for cooks, chefs, and their leaders! This 168-page paperback by restaurant trainer Matt Nelson teaches cooks and chefs what it takes to get ahead in the restaurant business. Packed with tips, techniques, and real stories from the restaurant world, it’s the essential resource for teaching cooks why it takes more than culinary skills to be a great cook, how to be a better teammate to the FOH, the Rules of Raises, and how to be a no-doubter when the next promotion comes along. Perfect for cooks, chefs, managers, and restaurant trainers.

      $21.95 $19.95

    • Door County WI Portside Sign Poster

      If you've ever been to Door County Wisconsin, you know why i
      Quick Overview

      If you’ve ever been to Door County Wisconsin, you know why it’s called The Cape Cod of the Midwest. And if you love it like we do, here’s the perfect souvenir to remind you of the one of the most beautiful places to live or relax in the USA. This cool poster lists all the town signs on the Peninsula’s “portside” (left side) along Highway 42 from Sturgeon Bay up to Gills Rock and the year they were founded. The vertical poster is a perfect fit for your kitchen, hallways, bathrooms, rec rooms, bedrooms, dens, deck or anyplace where you want to remember the sun, breeze, lake and memories of this gorgeous peninsula. These posters measure 11.75 inches wide and 36 inches long which mean sit will fit the standard 11.75 x 36″ frame size you’ll find at Target, Wal-Mart, Kohl’s or Michael’s, so you don’t have to worry about custom framing costs! Get copies of the poster for all your friends and family. The savings start at six or more copies.

      $25.00 $20.00