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Multi-Unit Leadership 2018: Best Practices & New Realities

The 7 Stages of Building Profits and Teams across  Markets
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It’s 2018. Are your Area Managers, Franchisees and Regional VPs operating their markets and “developing” their people with skills, strategies and tactics from the 1990s? Are you performing as well as or better than your competitors in above-restaurant leadership? What does Multiunit Leadership mean in the digital age of supervision? How do you know for sure?

Why do some Area Directors get greater results than others while doing the exact same work? What do the best Multiunit Leaders (MULs) do to prioritize and execute the avalanche of priorities, paperwork and people-issues that come their way daily?  How have exceptional Franchisees learned to get the Big Rocks (KPIs) in place daily, and why do others fail? What do the most profitable MULs do when visiting their stores (and what do the least profitable ones do)? What are the 12 best practices that high-performing Multiunit Leaders apply that moves them from good to great, guaranteed?

This workshop will answer these questions and more. The content is based on Jim Sullivan’s bestselling book Multiunit Leadership (over 200,000 copies sold) and incorporates brand new research involving 1500 high-performing multiunit franchisees, Area Directors and Regional Managers across 21 different brands and 4 industries. This workshop is ideal for both new and veteran MULs and Franchisees, as it shares detailed do’s and don’ts of hiring, grooming, and developing your multi-unit leaders to the next level.

Every Multitunit Leadership workshop is COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZED for every client. We will work closely with you to align your objectives, targets and culture into the workshop content. Our customers include The Walt Disney Company, Panera Bread, Marriott, The Cheesecake Factory, Taco Bell, Starbucks, Buffalo Wild Wings, Target, Chili’s, Applebee’s, McDonald’s, Five Guys, LA Fitness, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, and many more. Every attendee receives a customized Learner’s Workbook for the workshop to help apply the insight back at their stores ASAP.

Target Audience

Multi-Unit Leaders (MULs), Regional Directors, Executives, Owners, Franchisees at Retail Operations, or QSR, Casual, Family, Fine Dining, or Contract Foodservice.

Offered in 90 minute, 2 hour, Half-Day or Full-Day versions
The Multi-Unit Leadership Live Workshop covers these topics (and more):

  • The 7 stages of Multiunit Leadership growth
  • A detailed look at the top line competencies and insights from our research with over 1500 high-performing Multi Unit Leaders.
  • Where Franchisees most-often stumble when opening multiple units in terms of revenue and staffing and cost-control
  • Why do some teams outperform other teams doing the exact same work?
  • How to plan and execute high-impact unit visits that measurably improve people, productivity and profits
  • The 10 best MUL productivity apps for your smartphone or tablet
  • Understanding the difference between being Effective and being “efficient”
  • The 10 best practices related to MUM selection, development and performance.
  • The 5 biggest challenges MULs will face this year (and how to overcome those challenges).
  • 5 ways the Area Manager role is changing and will change in the next two years
  • An overview of the 7 stages that transform Multi-Unit Managers to Multi-Unit Leaders.
  • Company MUMs versus Franchise MUMs: how to transform from an “enforcer of brand compliance” to developer of brand commitment.
  • The 5 biggest challenges MULs will face in the next 5 years

Talent: Recruiting, Grooming, Training and Motivating

  • The secret to building Bench Strength and Talent Pipelines in a tough labor market
  • The 3 best ways to select and groom new Multi-Unit Managers
  • How to coach and develop veteran Multi-Unit Managers who’ve been in the position for more than 5 years.
  • How MUMs can most effectively build a continuous talent pipeline in their units.
  • The 11 fatal errors new MUMs make (and what to do about it)
  • Adult learning: Coaching and Grooming the NextGen manager
  • Case studies: the 5 best company practices for developing high-performing MUMs.

Time and Process Management

  • A realistic and effective 21st Century approach to managing Time and multiple priorities
  • Creative ways to design and execute effective quarterly business plans that align with period goals (and how to integrate them into shift execution at each unit).
  • The 3 Proven Time Management Tools that helps MUMs work smarter, not harder
  • How to improve Team Execution in three simple steps

Communication and Leadership

  • Communicating as a leader and as a manager are not the same…insight into the important difference and how you can master both
  • The MUL role in alleviating drops in productivity at the unit level.
  • How your multi-unit team can easily catalog and share their best practices and expertise
  • How to construct a customized “Idea Bank” for developing your future leaders.
  • How to motivate and inspire NextGen team members

The Art of the High-Impact (revenue-generating) Unit visit.

  • The do’s and don’ts of effective MUM Unit Visits.
  • Transforming from “inspect and correct” management to collaboration and development via a 5-stage process that gets guaranteed results with all managers and crew.
  • How to customize the visit to the personality and performance of the unit, its customers and unique marketplace.
  • Purposeful 1 on 1’s: three ways to effectively coach unit managers after a store visit so that you aren’t solving the same problems over and over.
  • The High Impact Unit Visit: A Step-by-Step Checklist and template to use to improve your effectiveness in each store


  • Why you cannot act like a “GM-on-Steroids” to get things done
  • The Roadmap: a 30/60/90 day plan for application, transformation, and execution.
  • The Commitment: attendees will identify and commit to what they’ll start doing, stop doing and continue doing in the next 30 days

To get more detailed information on this workshop, check speaker availability for your date or book a speaker for the Multiunit Leadership workshop, send information about your proposed dates and audience to jim@sullivision.com